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      Ceramic air cooled heater

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      Ceramic air cooled heater

      Structure: heating / cooling system consists of cooling unit and heating unit.

      1、 Cooling unit: composed of cooling hood, blower and various radiators. The cooling hood and the blower can be removed separately, and the installation is simple.

      1. The cooling hood is made of stainless steel plate or aluminum plated steel plate, with cooling fan connection, optimized air flow guide vane, exhaust port and junction box, with beautiful appearance;

      2. Cooling fan;

      3. Radiator: copper plate radiator, aluminum plate radiator, ceramic radiator, cast aluminum for external air duct, cast aluminum for internal air duct and liquid cooling cast aluminum can be selected according to the heat dissipation requirements.

      2、 Heating unit: electric heating mode is adopted. Mineral insulated heater, mica heater, ceramic heater, cast aluminum heater or cast copper heater can be selected as electric heating elements.

      We can design the ratio of heating and cooling area according to the heating and cooling power required by customers.

      We can provide both single-phase power supply and three-phase power supply of electric coil and blower.

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