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      Ceramic Heater

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      Ceramic Heater

      Application: it is mainly used for heating injection molding machine, extruder and blow molding machine in plastic industry, and also for heating in chemical fields such as reactor and melt pipe.

      Structure: ni80cr20 resistance wire is used to insert into the ceramic inner hole, the whole heating body is soft and plastic, heating is fast, heating is uniform, energy saving and long service life. The metal shell is made of stainless steel plate or aluminized steel plate.

      Technical parameters: the operating temperature can reach 760 ℃, and the power density can be as high as 8w/cm2. When the diameter of ceramic heating ring is 40mm, and the diameter is 600mm, it should be heated in 2-8 arc sections and clamped by pressure spring. The small width of heater is 18mm, and the advanced step is 7.5mm (18, 25.5, 33, 40.5, 48mm )******The width shall not be 500mm, and the thickness of the heating body shall be 12mm. If the insulation layer is needed, the thickness of the heating body will increase according to the thickness of the insulation layer,

      Please consider the installation space.

      Power connection mode:

      1. Plug type wiring (20a);

      2. connection box type connection (can be connected in multiple phases);

      3. high temperature wire lead out type wiring (shield heat-resistant pure nickel wire).

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