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      Wharton Electric has the ability of independent R & D and technological innovation. It introduces the professional sales team and technical R & D team of domestic explosion-proof electric heater, and has international advanced production equipment and technology for digestion, absorption and re innovation, so as to provide customers with safe and high-quality products and services. Relying on Wharton's professional sales team and R & D team, we manufacture high-quality products, expand the market to domestic nuclear power, paper making, printing, petroleum, chemical fiber, air conditioning, aerospace and other industries, and use our sales team's network to promote all over the world.

      Jiangsu Wharton Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. provides customers with explosion-proof electric heating products. Wharton electric appliance provides reasonable industrial heating project solutions to meet the needs of customers in different industries. It also provides customers with technical support and training, door-to-door installation, debugging and maintenance services, and strengthens after-sales permanent services.

      We uphold the corporate philosophy of "integrity, responsibility, CO creation and win-win", seek innovation with science and technology, firm quality with profession, create brand with integrity, seek development with quality, create value with service, and work hand in hand for common development.

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